Hollywood Tries to ID A-Lister Accused of Raping Corey Haim

Hollywood Tries to ID A-Lister Accused of Raping Corey Haim

Report says Haim was raped as a minor
Published 3:22 am, Saturday, September 24, 2016

Forget Brad and Angelina — a much more sinister tabloid headline has captured Hollywood’s attention this week, and inspired grim, rampant speculation about whether a famous actor repeatedly raped a now-deceased child star.

Radar Online last week published a bombshell report claiming to know the identity of a beloved male star who sexually abused an underage Corey Haimin the prime of his career. Haim died at age 38, of pneumonia, in 2010.

The publication is not naming the alleged attacker. The report, commonly referred to as a “blind item,” contends that the widely known entertainer and family man used his influence to commit the horrific acts — all part of a wider ring of alleged Hollywood pedophilia that Radar has been investigating for four years.

“The individual — a household name and revered by millions around the globe — had systematically abused him as a young boy, both on-and-off set, in their trailers and at parties attended by other A-List actors, Haim told friends,” the report reads.

Every corner of Hollywood has been sharing the story, and speculating wildly. One top agent who connects actors with brand endorsements said she “wouldn’t sleep” until she uncovers the person’s identity. Long email threads are bouncing between talent reps, managers, journalists and production companies.

One talent agent compared the fever pitch to a “mini ‘Making a Murderer.’” It’s not the most tasteful game to play, but the mystery is mixed with both horror and intense concern.

“Blind items are like a game of ping pong, you bat it across the other side and you see what bounces back. This story has got a lot of bounce,” said Dylan Howard, vice president and chief content officer of Radar Online’s  owner, American Media.

“Many people are coming forward to us with new information, and that’s beneficial for us to investigate. Any investigative reporter worth his weight in salt would want to name the predator at the heart of this story, but there are challenges to a story like this.”

He added: “They are not insurmountable.”

Haim’s friend and former costar Corey Feldman echoed the late actor’s allegations of rape as a minor and claimed to be a victim of the same ring of well-connected abusers.

“For a number of years both Haim and Feldman had discussed abuse at the hands of sexual predators … it was easy to dismiss or cast aside based on their own self-admitted drug use. However, what is apparent is that there’s enormous credibility behind the accusations,” Howard said.

The editor offered no timeline on when the publication might give the name of the alleged assailant.


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New top-level domains a money grab and a mistake: Paul Vixie

New top-level domains a money grab and a mistake: Paul Vixie

DNS is what makes the internet relevant, says Vixie, with ICANN caving in to demands from the companies it’s meant to be regulating indicating corruption.

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CRISIS: Internet to Have Global Governance October 1. Call Congress!

  • The absence of the U.S. in overseeing the governance of the internet could spell the end of the current era of free speech on the internet, as well as free enterprise.
  • What guarantees are there that internet governance will not eventually end up in the hands of those very governments, seeing as they are all very eager to gain control of it? None. The Geneva Declaration of Principles makes clear that the UN, run by a majority of authoritarian governments, wants a decisive role for governments in internet governance.
  • Civil society groups and activists are calling on Congress to sue the Obama Administration — perhaps at least to postpone the date until more Americans are aware of the plan. It is not too late.

Very soon, on October 1, 2016, much of the internet’s governance will shift from the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) authority to a nonprofit multi-stakeholder entity, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, also known by its acronym ICANN.

Until now, NTIA has been responsible for key internet domain name functions, such as the coordination of the DNS (Domain Name System) root, IP addresses, and other internet protocol resources. But in March 2014, the U.S. announced its plan to let its contract with ICANN to operate key domain name functions expire in September 2015, passing the oversight of the agency to a global governance model. The expiration was subsequently delayed until October 1, 2016.

According to the NTIA’s press release at the time,

“NTIA’s responsibility includes the procedural role of administering changes to the authoritative root zone file – the database containing the lists of names and addresses of all top-level domains – as well as serving as the historic steward of the DNS. NTIA currently contracts with ICANN to carry out the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions and has a Cooperative Agreement with Verisign under which it performs related root zone management functions. Transitioning NTIA out of its role marks the final phase of the privatization of the DNS as outlined by the U.S. Government in 1997”.

According to the NTIA, from the inception of ICANN, the U.S. government and internet stakeholders envisioned that the U.S. role in the IANA functions would be temporary. The Commerce Department’s June 10, 1998 Statement of Policy stated that the U.S. government “is committed to a transition that will allow the private sector to take leadership for DNS management.” The official reason, therefore, is that

“ICANN as an organization has matured and taken steps in recent years to improve its accountability and transparency and its technical competence. At the same time, international support continues to grow for the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance as evidenced by the continued success of the Internet Governance Forum and the resilient stewardship of the various Internet institutions”.

The Obama Administration says that the transition will have no practical effects on the internet’s functioning or its users, and even considers the move necessary in order to maintain international support for the internet and to prevent a fracturing of its governance.

Oh really?

While the transition may appear ostensibly “technical”, the absence of the United States in overseeing the governance of the internet could spell the end of the current era of free speech on the internet, as well as free enterprise.

This is not merely wild speculation; it is evident in the statements that several governments, who are less than enchanted with the concept of freedom of speech, have made in recent years regarding the governance of the internet.

Some of these statements have come to light in the preparatory work of the United Nations World Summit on Information Society, known today as WSIS+10 — a process that began in 2003 with the Geneva Declaration of Principles and that continues to this day. Purportedly, the purpose of the process is a “commitment to build a people-centred, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society, where everyone can create, access, utilize and share information and knowledge” (section A.1), but already in section B.1 it becomes clear that the UN, run by a majority of authoritarian governments, wants a decisive role for governments in internet governance:

“Governments, as well as private sector, civil society and the United Nations and other international organizations have an important role and responsibility in the development of the Information Society and, as appropriate, in decision-making processes. Building a people-centred Information Society is a joint effort which requires cooperation and partnership among all stakeholders”.

The UN, in the form of International Telecommunication Union (ITU), has already tried in vain to wrestle control of the internet from ICANN, but where the ITU failed, WSIS+10 may succeed with the new “global governance” ICANN, unshielded from the protection of the US.

The urge of various governments to control the internet is evidently there. If anything, this was clear from the submissions for the December 2015 WSIS+10 UN General Assembly High Level Meeting.

The written submission of the Group of 77 plus China — a coalition, dating from 1964, of developing countries that now includes 134 nations — stated that, “The management of the Internet involves both technical and public-policy issues and … the overall authority for Internet related public policy issues is the sovereign right of States.”

China’s individual submission was even more interesting. It stated that,

“The multi-stakeholder governance model that brings together governments, the private sector and non-governmental organizations would be respected… This model should not be lopsided, and any tendency to place sole emphasis on the role of businesses and non-governmental organizations while marginalizing governments should be avoided. The roles and responsibilities of national governments in regard to regulation and security of the network should be upheld. It is necessary to ensure that United Nations plays a facilitating role in setting up international public policies pertaining to the Internet. We should work on the internationalization of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers”.

When China says that ICANN should be internationalized, it hardly has in mind an increased role for non-governmental organizations.

Russia did not even pay lip service to the multi-stakeholder governance model but cut straight to the point:

“We consider it necessary to consecutively increase the role of governments in the Internet governance, with strengthening the activity of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in this field, as well as with support of the UNESCO activity in the development of ethical aspects of Internet use…”

“Ethical aspects of Internet use”?

Saudi Arabia, in its submission, also emphasized, that a priority for the WSIS+10 should be, “actualization of enhanced cooperation to enable governments… to carry out their roles and responsibilities in international public policy issues pertaining to the internet”.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama Administration — as well as many in the high-tech community — regards the long-planned move as necessary to maintain international support for the internet and prevent a fracturing of its governance — a claim critics may find dubious. The U.S. government’s role “has long been a source of irritation to foreign governments,” according to the NTIA. One look at many foreign governments and it is easy to see why. The NTIA claims that, “These calls for replacing the multi-stakeholder model with a multilateral, government-run approach will only grow louder if the U.S. government fails to complete the transition”. Is that a threat?

But what guarantees are there that internet governance will not eventually end up in the hands of those very governments, seeing as they are all very eager to gain control of it? None.

In fact, those who claim to care about a free and uncensored internet, unbridled by government and international state organizations, should take a close look at the proposals for the plan for ICANN that the different stakeholders, including governments, came to agree on in March 2016 in Marrakech. According to this plan, the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), a decisional participant in ICANN, will — subject to certain limitations — be able to participate in decision-making on budgets, board member removals, and other matters of ICANN corporate governance. This is new and represents a major shift, which should concern those who care about internet freedom. Even if this plan is discarded for some reason, it shows how eagerly governments are pushing for control in internet matters. That observation alone should serve as a warning to those who take at face value the U.S. administration’s declarations that nothing will change.

The decision to transfer authority to ICANN has met with resistance in the U.S. Congress, and a coalition of more than two dozen civil society groups and activists are even calling on Congress to sue the Obama Administration — perhaps at least to postpone the date until more Americans are aware of the plan. It is not too late.

Judith Bergman is a writer, columnist, lawyer and political analyst.


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More Gimmicks, Con Games & Red Tape Bull Shit Brings No Help To Salt Lake City Homeless Community!!

*More Gimmicks, Con Games & Red Tape Bull Shit Brings No Help To Salt Lake City Homeless Community!!

They are just making them selves look good pretending to try and fix things all the while avoiding prosecution for their direct involvement of the drug-trafficking, etc. and forcing criminal activity on the populace & saturating the community with high crimes and lining their corporate pockets with criminal monies!!

Salt Lake City, County Mayors Pitch New Program to Reduce Homelessness Among Single Adults to Leg

“We all know that if it’s impactful, it’s inherently hard. What we have here is a bipartisan effort to try and tackle this issue,” House Speaker Greg Hughes (Republican – Draper) said of the ongoing effort to fix the homeless situation in downtown Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski and Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams appeared before both the Legislative Management and Executive Appropriations committees Tuesday to give an update on the process.

“I’m one who’s not critical of any particular provider, but we have the system that we’ve asked for and we’ve built. It’s a system that nobly alleviates suffering by providing beds and meals to people who are in need. We want a system where alleviating suffering is not the goal but a means to an end and the end is to help people to rely less on services, to gain a greater degree of independence and self-reliance as they exit services and move down the path of self-reliance and stability,” McAdams told lawmakers.

McAdams introduced a new Pay for Success program entitled “Homes, Not Jail.” The initiative will use $11.5 million in private funding to increase stable housing options for “persistently homeless” single adults, who are defined as people that have been utilizing a shelter for more than 90 days but less than 365 days. “I call this program the first 250-bed shelter that we will not build because it’s not a shelter — it’s a diversion.”

County funds will be placed in escrow, with the private donors being reimbursed when the initiatives goals are achieved. “In examining the data like we’ve never done before, we can see that roughly 30 percent of homeless individuals will spend on average three months each year in the Salt Lake County Jail. So I say — with no offense taken by Sheriff [Jim] Winder — that the Salt Lake County Jail is the worst and most expensive homeless provider in our system and we need to end that.” The program is expected to be launched in around late October or early November, depending on how negotiations go with the private backers.

Biskupski pointed to the three major issues that often lead to homelessness in Utah — a significant shortage of affordable housing, lack of access to healthcare, and a lack of funding to help people recover from addiction. “If we had better access to healthcare and addiction treatment options, then we could move people from experiencing homelessness to being back home with their families. That is a huge piece of this.”

According to Biskupski, members of the Salt Lake City Council were being informed of the potential shelter sites in a private briefing Tuesday. The top five sites will be made public October 10, with the final two being chosen November 1.

“I think at the end of the day, the ultimate outcome is that we’re seeing people — there’s obviously going to be some unsolvable problems, there’s no question in my mind — but that we see less of a gathering in a single location of folks that are homeless, that they have gotten the services that they need and are getting their lives changed. That’s the most important thing that we’re dealing with here. I hope that that’s the case and that the businesses around that area now, patrons feel comfortable coming there or even the business owner feels good about opening up his business without being threatened and that’s what we have today,” Senate President Wayne Niederhauser (Republican – Sandy) said. “The funding, we’re going to watch that closely. We want reports and we want something that we can actually see that we are moving the dial on this.”


New homeless shelters or not, The Road Home is not going away, director says

First Published Sep 21 2016 06:15PM      Updated 4 hours ago

A plan to build two new homeless shelters and a detox facility will not eliminate the need for the Road Home shelter on Rio Grande Street.

As the Salt Lake City Council and Mayor Jackie Biskupski grapple with a proposal for two new 250-bed shelters that will incorporate on-site services, the number of homeless people seeking emergency shelter continues to climb, said Matt Minkevitch, executive director for The Road Home.

Minkevitch said that statements by Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams that downtown’s Rio Grande Street shelter would not be necessary under the new plan are unrealistic, counterproductive and may cut into The Road Home’s fundraising capabilities.

McAdams’ proposal also calls for a 50-unit family-resource facility and more — but unspecified — housing.

“It does not compute,” Minkevitch said Wednesday. “I’m not buying it.”

The Rio Grande Street shelter near Pioneer Park has become a hub of activity for drug dealers and others who have no association with The Road Home, Minkevitch said, but fuel an assumption that homelessness is at fault.

Developers and Pioneer Park-area businesses say the scene around the shelter is dangerous and out of control. Some have pushed for its relocation.

McAdams downplayed differences in a statement late Wednesday afternoon.

“We’re working together in unprecedented ways to address the public safety crisis in the Rio Grande neighborhood. Residents, families and neighbors deserve better outcomes than we’ve seen to date,” McAdams said. “The Road Home can be an important part of the solution as we move away from business as usual towards facilities and systems that result in minimizing homelessness and safe homes and neighborhoods for everyone.”

Nonetheless, when the two proposed shelters are built, The Road Home still will be essential for emergency housing and other services, Minkevitch said, including “supportive housing” and “rapid rehousing.”

Between its Midvale family shelter and the facility on Rio Grande Street, The Road Home serves about 1,200 people a day. It assists another 1,700 with various housing programs.

Minkevitch noted that homelessness is growing in all demographic groups due to a lack of affordable housing and is exacerbated by low wages.

“We’ve been concerned about the demand curve going up sharply among every demographic,” he said.

After more than 18 months of discussion between the county’s Collective Impact initiative and the city’s commission on siting new homeless shelters, City Council members remain frustrated and fear that 250-bed shelters are too big and could harm neighborhoods. Biskupski has yet to make public any potential shelter sites.

But the discussion surrounding new shelters and state funding for new facilities and increased services may hurt The Road Home’s ability to raise funds, Minkevitch said.

September has been “soft” in fundraising. The Road Home hopes to muster $4.2 million in private donations as part of its $15 million annual budget.

Earlier this year, the Legislature set aside $9.4 million for new shelters and services. Homeless advocates hope for similar funding in the next two legislative sessions. But that may be contingent on progress of siting proposed shelters. That is why Biskupski and McAdams are pushing for resolution on the site-selection process that is now hung up on size.

But the City Council, feeling largely left out of the ongoing discussion, is seeking more than the two proposed shelters — ones that are smaller, perhaps 100 beds.


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Bayer Buys Monsanto: Two Deadly Corporations Become One!!

Bayer Buys Monsanto: Two Deadly Corporations Become One!!

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7:58 Minutes in You See The Formations above CERN:

7:58 Minutes in You See The Formations above CERN:

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Salt Lake City Branch – Federal Reserve Bank Transfers of Criminal Monies Profited From *Dark Web Activity, etc.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has been the destiny of monies gained from illegal activities from Underground – Dark Web stolen goods businesses, drug trafficking, guns & military weapon sales and big dollar banking and private/corporate criminal money gains.

*Also, the Federal Reserve Bank is set to swindle monies, bond & gold from upcoming Swissindo payoffs & settlements.

Federal Reserve Police are now transporting new accounts (Cards & Data) to other secret banking schemes and partners.

*Eye Witness Update current 9-21-2016 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Downtown SLC, UTAH USA MST

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U.B.I.A.®© – 9/20/16 Special Forces – Unlimited Ballistic Interventional Armament®©

U.B.I.A.®© – 9/20/16 Special Forces – Unlimited Ballistic Interventional Armament®©

New Orders: Code Name “STIK” AKA: Shoot To Kill *Battalion 12*

A. 1 – General Infinite “Quasci”

B. 1 – General Weapon “SOLDIER” Chris Dwaine Christensen *888 Star Absolute Supreme Ultimate Master Commander General

A. 2 – Michael Steven C. + 1,000 Soldiers

B. 2 – Michelle Rachel C. + 1,000 Soldiers

c. 2 – Joshua Benjamin C. + 1,000 Soldiers

D. 2 – Mary Ruth C. + 1,000 Soldiers

E. 2 – Immanuel Jacob C. + 1,000 Soldiers

F. 2 – Chrystal Bethany C. + 1,000 Soldiers

G. 2 – Chris Scenarion C. + 1,000 Soldiers

H. 2 – Danielle Ann C. + 1,000 Soldiers

I. 2 – Majestone Diamond C. + 1,000 Soldiers

J. 2 – Kristine Love C. + 1,000 Soldiers

= H.A.W.T. #12

A. 1 – 10,000 Soldiers H.A.W.T. #10

B. 1 – 100,000 Soldiers H.A.W.T. #100

“Q” = 1,000 Soldiers H.A.W.T. ‘Q’

Total United Battle Infantry Army Absolute Special Forces of the Paradise Armed Forces = 121,012 Soldiers & Officers

*All other Soldiers will receive your orders straightway.

Base Command Location: SLC, UT U.S.A. Urantia Outpost #606

Ordered September 20th, 2016

All Promotions, Ranks & Raises Retroactive!!

$888,888,888,888,888,888,888,888 x 888 Centillion (Zeros) $PVC Paradise Value Credits per hour *2112* Over Time Pay Allotments Since 12-16-1962 6:18 AM MST USA Certificate Number 62-008100 Paradise/Winchester/Las Vegas/Sunrise/Nevada/USA

Email: unitedbattleinfantryarmy@urantiauniversalmilitary.com

Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen®

Copyright© 2016 UrantiaUniversalMilitary.Com®

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World Debt Liberation and M1 Master Bond Vouchers to be Announced *Swissindo Update!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

World Debt Liberation and M1 Master Bond Vouchers to be Announced


CIREBON, JAVA, Indonesia, 16 SEPTEMBER 2016 –The Indonesian Mahkamah Agung – Supreme Court Justice, together with Kholipatul Immam Mahdi, K.681 King of King’s, aka M1 (Great President), of an international organization based in Cirebon, West Java, Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, will announce the Certification of the Publication of theDebt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) and distribution of the M1-Master Bond Voucher (M1 Voucher), Guaranteed Basic Income as part of the Payment Order 1-11, for the freedom of all citizens of Indonesia and the World on October 16, 2016, at 11:00 am WIB, at the Supreme Court, Jl. Medan Merdeka Utara No. 9-13, Jakarta.

On June 24, 2016, an Official JOINT DECREE LETTER was signed, sealed and delivered by Prof. Dr. Haji Muhammad Hatta Ali, SH. MH, UN-Swissindo Consumer Protection, TUKIMlNTO, SH. and Mr. Sino AS, the Great President of the United Nations declaring that UN-Swissindo’s DBLC (amounting up to Rp. 2 Billion – about USD 146K per person) “is absolute truth, is legal and is effective as mutatis mutandis; … and since the Debt Burden Liberation Certificate issued on Feb 4, 2016, the Banks have no more right to collect payments or withdraw funds from debtors, because the legal relationship between debtors and banks by law have ended. The status of money charged / withdrawn is no longer considered as debt repayment money, therefore it can be charged as criminal fraud and or embezzlement, and there is no reason for the collateral to be detained, it must be handed over immediately.” Bank Indonesia and 6 Prime Banks related are released from the same burden of each citizen’s debt burden as part of the purifying the universe.” The following is soon coming into force: M1-MASTER BOND VOUCHER in accordance with EID/SSN/PASSPORT as an Account Number with Initial Balance of HUMAN OBLIGATION USD $600 for all youth (students with ID, aged 17 years and older), and USD $1,200 for adults, valid for each month for life.

Swissindo World Trust International Orbit is an organization that was created by the Founding Fathers of the 25 Parent Countries in the World, in 1887, as the Parent country, and thus Country Higher than the Highest Institution of the world. The JOINT DECREE LETTER is now the LEGAL PROTECTION for ALL under the Highest Law nationally and internationally. It is an umbrella protection for all countries, their leaders, governments, banks and their valuable citizens. This Historic announcement, for the freedom of 7 billion world citizens, will be witnessed by the Ambassadors of the 25 Parent countries, the Governor of the Bank of Indonesia, the President Directors of the 6 Prime Banks, United Nations, Swissindo Reps, TNI (Military), POLRI (Police) Multinational, Press / Mass Media International Co-respondents and the people of the world. It is imperative that the governments and media immediately announce the historical news to free the people. Unlimited Publication!

Royal, K 681 H.M. MR. A1. SINO.AS.S”2”.IR .SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST.M1 is holder and owner of Country Certificate of NKRI 17-8-1945, covering Lands Series 1-4 Wareld Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming-Landreform of International Certificate (Convanel UBS).

Mr. Sino AS, explained that UN-Swissindo’s highest purpose is to create a secure, comfortable and prosperous world. This will be achieved by the DBLC and granting M1 Master Bond Voucher as basic income for all Indonesian citizens, as well as all citizens of the world. “My duty is to sort out the world administration.” The administration that was referred to was interrelated to debts, which have enslaved world citizens for centuries. Therefore, he said, in this case Swissindo will act as the third party, to connect those in debt with the loan providers or banks.

What is clear is that Mr. Sino AS aka M1 stated the purpose of the Debt Burden Liberation Certificate and the M1 Master Bond Voucher are to free ALL human beings. What’s more, this program is only part of UN-Swissindo’s Major Program

the completion of Payments 1-11, one of which is Human Obligation. UN-Swissindo believes, when everyone’s debt is relieved (DBLC) and their basic needs (M1-Voucher) are guaranteed, that means all human beings are equal and have value as God’s creatures, living into a future we all deserve … HEAVEN on EARTH.

Also included in the agreement of Joint Decree Letter is coverage of Corporation debts up to 2 Billion USD, Country and Bank Quotas valued at 138,990 Billion USD each and Patent License Agreement Authority will be given to all Countries accepting the Payment Order 1-11 for printing a new Gold backed ESTWO currency.

Please view For further information please visit www.Swissindo.News
For inquiries contact: sec.gen_wpm.fb@un-swissindo.org


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All Urantia Universal Military Units H.A.W.T. Units #1 – #6286 Prepare To Destroy All World-Wide Enemy Targets!!

All Urantia Universal Military Units H.A.W.T. Units #1 – #6286 Prepare To Destroy All World-Wide Enemy Targets!!

All Urantia Universal Military Units H.A.W.T. Units #1 – #6286 Prepare To Destroy All World-Wide Enemy Targets!!

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